Friday, October 31, 2008

A fantasy marriage to Andy Gibb

i thought i would strt a blog to enter my thoughts about being married to a wondrful man, i luving call amdy. it sofens his superstae imaeg. we, well i fell in love first almost one year ago, after years of mum who had met andy on occassion told me to find a nice man just like andy gibb.

isn't that a tall order, so y not marry the real thing... yep and so the adventure begin. we were married on thankgving 2007. it was a convenience marrige for hem, but i believe he has fallin in luv wift me over the las year. that is wat he tells me ;) it was and is a luv marriage on my part, how could it not be? have u ever seen such a perfect speciman of a man?

so welcum to my blog, my fantasy life and marriage, get a good laugh and live a little.

amdy's old ball and chain